Couple Heard A Noise In Their Bathroom, Then They Made A Surprising Discovery

A couple were relaxing in front of the television when they suddenly heard a bang in the house. When they went to see what had happened, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what was standing in front of them…

Couple Heard A Noise In Their Bathroom
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Couple Heard A Noise In Their Bathroom

Night-time invaders come in all shapes and sizes and it’s not necessarily burglars who would scare you the most… Even animals can invade your home and there are all sorts of them out there, from quite small to quite large animals.

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Night-time encounter leaves a couple of pensions terrified

While they were having a relaxing night in front of the television, this couple suddenly got quite a fright. A loud noise suddenly startled them, and they immediately thought an open window may have caused the noise.

But when Edward and Kathy Sudduth went to investigate, they found that it wasn’t something that had fallen over, and it wasn’t an invader or anything else that you might imagine when you suddenly hear a loud noise in your house. In fact, they got quite a good scare when they saw a fully-grown mountain lion in their bathroom.

The two pensioners were terrified because they were so close to one of these dangerous wild animals. The man reflexively pushed the mountain lion’s tail away from him, but this only scared the mountain lion and caused it to flee into the bathroom.

Police and experts were called to help

The couple then decided to call in the police. Fortunately, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was also alerted who immediately came to help as well, as CNN reported.

With their expert knowledge and resources, the mountain lion managed to be removed from the house unharmed. The bathroom window was slightly damaged, but luckily the mountain lion voluntarily returned to the wild, so no further harm was done.

Officials recorded the scene in a video that they later shared it on Facebook where it quickly went viral. And no wonder, you don’t see something like that every day.

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