Covid-19: This is the most common symptom among the vaccinated

Vaccinated people who caught the Delta or Omicron variants are reporting a common symptom.

By now, most of us know what the common symptoms of Covid-19 are — fever, loss of smell and or taste, sore throat, fatigue. But as the virus continues to mutate, sufferers are reporting other signs of the disease such as diarrhoea.

Common symptom

Data collected by the ZOE Health Study app reveals that there’s been a spike in the number of Britons who are presenting with the trots, especially among the vaccinated.

Studying data from January 2022, the team at ZOE says the trend is more visible in people who caught the Omicron variant of the virus, leading to the conclusion that diarrhoea is one of the early signs of Covid-19. They assert that the tummy upset can start from as early as the first day of catching the virus, while getting worse over the course of a week.

It usually lasts for an average of two to three days, but can last up to seven days in adults.
Getty/ Peter Dazeley

Evolving virus

As the coronavirus continues to mutate, the folks at ZOE say this particular symptom is not as prevalent as before.

According to their figures, while a third of Covid-19 positive patients experienced loose bowels during the Alpha phase, only one in five people are reporting it with the onset of Omicron and its subvariants.

The NHS advises that you stay hydrated when you experience diarrhoea and to avoid socializing if it comes with other symptoms.

Stay off school or work until you've not been sick or had diarrhoea for at least 2 days. If you also have a high temperature or do not feel well enough to do your normal activities, try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people until you feel better.

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