COVID-19: Could this drink prevent vaccine symptoms?

Fever, headaches, fatigue... Is there a miracle solution to avoid the side effects linked to the coronavirus vaccine?

COVID-19: Could this drink prevent vaccine symptoms?
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COVID-19: Could this drink prevent vaccine symptoms?

Symptoms experienced after receiving the COVID-19 jab are normal, but besides over-the-counter medication, can this drink be the solution to avoiding having to experience them?

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Can this drink truly alleviate jab symptoms?

As the Omicron variant has been proven to be much more transmissible than any other strain of the coronavirus, efforts to get Britons jabbed has become of the utmost importance.

There is a rumour that a drink can help to reduce the chances of experiencing symptoms of the jab. The drink in question is said to be nothing else than water. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case. According to Sonia Sharma, doctor at the Institute of Immunology in La Jolla, California, water is unfortunately not 'a miracle cure' against inevitable side effects. This is an opinion that has also been shared by the English professor of biochemistry Michael Gleeson who believes that 'water has no influence on the immune system.'

So although water might not directly have an effect on the way you feel post vaccination, it still remains essential for our bodies to remain in good health.

Water is necessary for proper body function

When looking at the side effects of the vaccine, fever and headaches often appear. When these symptoms manifest themselves, drinking water is definitely something you should be doing. If you have a fever, it's important to stay hydrated, otherwise it can lead to dehydration. Similarly, not drinking enough water would be a factor 'that delays the production of antibodies', explains Dr. Sonia Sharma.

Water is therefore essential for good health. Under-hydration would increase the sensation of pain in patients. Thus, drinking water could prevent the vaccinated from feeling too much discomfort at the injection site, but does not guarantee to make the side effects disappear.

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