5 fruits you shouldn't put in the fridge
5 fruits you shouldn't put in the fridge
5 fruits you shouldn't put in the fridge
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5 fruits you shouldn't put in the fridge

Do you usually put all your fruit in the fridge? Well, you might have to stop, because some fruits don't belong there!

When we buy fruits and vegetables, we tend to automatically put them all in the fridge! However, some fruits don't necessarily need to be kept cool and are better preserved at room temperature. Here they are!


Strawberries don't do well in the fridge. On the contrary, you can preserve them longer at room temperature. It's best to keep them in a dish in your kitchen. Don't forget to ventilate them properly. If they're stacked on top of each other, they'll tend to ripen faster and rot.


Pineapple doesn't need to be kept cool. In fact, if stored in the fridge, it may ripen differently and therefore not taste good once you're ready to eat it. You're better off storing it at room temperature and eating it within three days after you first cut it.


Like many exotic fruits, mango doesn't belong in the fridge. If it is stored in the fridge, its ripening process may be a lot shorter, but the mango will also come out softer and stringy. Ideally, buy it slightly firm and wait two to three days before eating it.


Bananas tend to darken faster when refrigerated. To slow down this process, we advise putting a little aluminum foil or saran wrap around the tip. Also, be sure to keep bananas away from the lights in the kitchen.


Like many stone fruits, apricots are better preserved at room temperature than in the refrigerator. Low temperatures may alter their flavor. Nobody wants that!

If you have trouble figuring out which foods should go in the fridge and which ones should be kept at room temperature, try paying attention to where they're kept where you buy them. Products that are kept cool should be stored in the fridge, while those that are on a stand, at room temperature, should just be left out in the kitchen -- ideally, away from direct sunlight.

By Nancy Youm
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