24-hour ambulance service for cows in an Indian state

The Uttar Pradesh government will launch the program in December to facilitate the treatment of cows in the state.

A state in India is introducing a 24-hour ambulance service for the treatment of cows. The program scheduled to start next month will also assist cattle rearers to improve the breeds of cows they rear.

Abhinav Ambulance

It is expected that cows with major ailments will be transported to the veterinary hospitals within the shortest possible time.

Under this program, the state government intends to run 515 innovative ambulances, with each having a veterinarian and two other veterinary staff who will be available 24 hours to attend to the animals. A call centre will also be set up for smooth and effective operations.

State Dairy Development, Animal Husbandry, and Fisheries Minister Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary told the media on Sunday:

Akin to the 112 emergency service number, the new service would pave the way for the speedy treatment of seriously ill cows.

The government also plans to provide cattle rearers with a facility for free insemination of cows up to three times.

Using the 'Embryo Transplant' technique, it is hoped that 100 per cent insemination of cows will be arranged by the government. According to the minister, this will turn even infertile cows into high-milk-producing animals.

Maintain the Sanctity of Cows

He stated that the initiative would begin as a pilot project in eight districts across the state, including Mathura. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath urged religious leaders and locals to protect cattle.

The government is doing its work but people have to come forward as cows can't be protected with the attitude of taking milk and leaving them on roads. Only speeches can't protect cows but for this, it is necessary to get associated with the system and work with respect and devotion.

He also said that everyone who adopts a cow from a shelter house will receive Rs 900 (£9) per month from the government.

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