You Can Now Stay In A Real Life Hagrid's Hut

You Can Now Stay In A Real Life Hagrid's Hut

This new holiday cottage in the north of England is an incredible replica of Hagrid's hut - and it's a Potter fan's dream. 

If you've ever dreamed of going to Hogwarts, we may just have found the next best thing - you can now stay overnight in Hagrid's hut. 

The holiday cottage is found in a holiday park called North Shire near Saltburn in the north of England. The park also includes real life Hobbit houses and cute shepherd's huts but the latest addition - in time for International Harry Potter Day on 2nd May - has got Potter fans seriously excited. 

Based on Hagrid's groundskeeper's cottage, the home is nonetheless slightly more luxurious than the half-giant's home - including three interconnecting bedrooms and a luxurious emerald green bathroom. The hut's living room has a vast stone fireplace and a deluxe leather sofabed.

The cottage cost £195,000 to create and unsurprisingly its owner Carol Cavendish is a big fan of the Potter novels: 'Books have always been an important part of my life even after being diagnosed with dyslexia when I taught myself to read.

They've also helped me through challenging times when I would turn to the Harry Potter books and Lord of the Rings for pure escapism.

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That's why it is so fantastic to create an environment where others can also leave behind their everyday life and step into their favourite storybook.'

Check out the video above to see the incredible cottage for yourself! 

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