The Best Technique To Learn How To Do A Perfect French Braid

The French braid is very well-known but not everyone has mastered how to do it correctly. With this method, we promise, all will become clear and you'll be a French-braiding expert in no time!

The French braid stays close to the head. Whilst a classic braid resembles a simple pony-tail, the way the strands of hair are braided in a French braid gives the impression that the braid is attached to the head. Although it's a really classic look, we're not always exactly sure how to do it ourselves. This simple tutorial will show you how to get this style in a matter of minutes!

Start with all of your hair down. Make sure to brush through any tangles. Gather the top centre section and tie it with an elastic. Take one section from each side and cross them over the centre section. Add a new piece of hair to each section as you go. Continue all the way down to the neckline then pull the remaining hair over your shoulder and finish with a regular braid. You can hide the elastic by tucking it behind a strand of hair or you can cut it out. And that's it - your French braid is done! There are lots of variations you can try out too - such as a side braid or several smaller braids.

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