Hair loss: Avoid these foods to stop losing hair

Diethas a great influence on our health and can even be responsible for hair loss. Certain foods that can promote alopecia should be avoided.

With the arrival of winter, it is important to pay attention to what we eat and favour fruit and vegetables to fill up on vitamins. It is said that certain foods are harmful to our health and could even be responsible for hair loss.

Processed foods are bad for hair

Hair loss is hereditary. However, at particular times in our lives—like in the fall and winter—it is not uncommon to notice that we are losing more hair. It can be shocking and, frankly, quite frightening. Stress, fatigue or seasonal changes can have an impact on hair health.

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When suffering from alopecia—an autoimmune disorder that causes your hair to fall out—it becomes even more essential to take care of your diet. Vitamins A and B help to strengthen hair and limit hair loss. It is also critical to choose foods rich in magnesium, iron and zinc. Vegetables, fish, almonds and olive oil can help to keep hair looking good.

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But what foods should be avoided in case of hair loss? To maintain a silky mane all year round, it is important to limit fried foods and 'junk food' as much as possible. In fact, these processed and high-fat foods are particularly harmful to hair and promote hair loss.

Carbohydrate-rich products

According to dermatologist Dr Craig Ziering, junk food contains too many hydrogenated oils, which may be responsible for hair loss.

Testosterone levels increase with high-fat diets, which could lead to male pattern baldness.

While this may be true for men, these foods are also not good for women. The best thing, therefore, is to avoid all fried foods to keep your hair looking good.

Furthermore, sugar also seems to be destructive to healthy hair. Sugar produces insulin and androgens, which can cause alopecia. Therefore, carbohydrate-rich foods such as white bread, rice or pasta should be eaten in moderation.

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