Eucalyptus: This natural ingredient can help treat hair loss

Stress, seasonal changes, post-partum depression, health problems... all these elements can cause hair loss. But how can you make your hair grow back quickly?

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Losing your hair is always a difficult ordeal to go through, and finding a solution to boost hair growth is often complicated. Food supplements, volumising shampoos, home remedies... you've tried everything, or almost everything. However, there is a magical active ingredient capable of making your hair grow back sustainably.

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In fact, an aromatic plant often used in essential oils for its anti-inflammatory virtues and its high content of antioxidants could be ideal for boosting hair growth—eucalyptus. A fairly recent scientific discovery reveals the benefits of eucalyptus for hair problems and scalp health. William Gaunitz, a certified trichologist and founder of the Gaunitz Trichology method, tells The Zoe Report:

Eucalyptus has a direct impact on reducing the proliferation of bacteria and fungi that naturally live on the scalp and are exacerbated by poor diet, lifestyle factors, and genetics.
Eucalyptus helps stimulate hair follicles, which ultimately improves the overall health of the hair and scalp, creating a fuller head of hair.

If you ever want to stimulate hair growth, the idea is to use shampoos and treatments enriched with eucalyptus on the scalp, without ever using the essential oil, which is far too concentrated and which can cause allergies and clog the hair follicles.

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