26 Gorgeous Ways To Rock A Hair Scarf This Summer

26 Gorgeous Ways To Rock A Hair Scarf This Summer
26 Gorgeous Ways To Rock A Hair Scarf This Summer

This summer, all the focus is now on headscarves! Whether they’re small, patterned or solid… it doesn’t matter! You can tie them, thread them into your braid, roll them into your bun, there are so many good options for how to style your hair with them.

Headscarves, this summer’s must-have!

A must-have accessory

For a few seasons now, they have been invading all of our Instagram feeds. Celebrities, normal people and influencers swear by them to style their hair. And for good reason! They go with all haircuts, all face shapes but also all hair lengths. Whether you have short or long hair, fine or thick or even an afro, they go with any hairstyle.

As well as looking great, they are also very practical. They were amazingly helpful during heat waves and very hot weather, because they stylishly get your hair off your neck and out of your face.

A style, a headscarf

In a bun, a half-bun, a braid or even a ponytail, a headscarf adds a cool twist to your outfit. The best part? You can wear them in any situation! In the city, on the beach, you can wear them all throughout the summer and can be worn with a swimsuit as well as a long evening gown.

A long, baroque style headscarf? It’s a bohemian look! A red bandana? It works for your rock style! If you choose one that is colourful and tie-dye, it will add a touch of originality to the timeless summer shorts/t-shirt combo. But to keep up with the current trends, we suggest a headscarf with polka dots to give you a retro/vintage look, guaranteed!

So, when will you wear yours?

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