Matt LeBlanc Took A Lot Of Convincing To Agree To This Controversial 'Friends' Storyline

Matt LeBlanc Took A Lot Of Convincing To Agree To This Controversial 'Friends' Storyline

It turns out that there was a major plotline in Friends that was such a no-no, even Joey himself almpst had it axed from the series...

Ah, Friends...whether you love the show or hate it, there's no way of avoiding it across the TV and Netflix, especially now that they'd spent an eye-watering $100 million in order to keep it for further streaming. Because let's face it, it's way too valuable for us to lose our favourite show ever, even if we're watching it for the 54th time. 

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However, as much as we love the sitcom itself we also love discovering behind-the-scenes antics amongst cast as well as any brilliant, awkward, funny and nostalgic stories the show has brought with it. It seems even some the iconic cast members themselves were so invested with their characters, they had some pretty strong opinions about the plotlines that took place. Indeed, Matt LeBlanc demonstrated how well he knows his on-screen alter ego, Joey Tribbiani.

Speaking about the making of the show, executive director and producer Kevin Bright revealed a particularly significant plotline that Matt simply wasn't going to go through with unless it was over his dead body. Of course after a lot of convincing, it seemed they had a hesitant Joey on their side. Check out the video to find out Joey's dreaded episode...   

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