We bet you never knew these 5 facts about chocolate

Do you like chocolate? We all know it's delicious and these five facts will definitely have you craving another bar!

We're about to make you hungry with these five things that you probably don't know about our best friend chocolate!

1. Chocolate is rich in magnesium:

This mineral is great for relaxation. Nothing better than a small square of chocolate to relax after a hard day, in moderation of course.

2. It takes a year for a cocoa tree to produce 10 chocolate bars:

For those who didn't know, chocolate comes from cocoa beans, which grow on trees. And it's a valuable fruit! Indeed, it takes time and a lot of cocoa beans to produce chocolate.

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3. Originally, chocolate was consumed in liquid form:

Contrary to what one might think, chocolate was first a drink, a very long time ago! The Aztecs called this drink "xocoatl" and it was extremely bitter. It was very different from the hot chocolate we now know.

4. Avoid combining milk with chocolate:

Chocolate has antioxidant properties, but these can be inhibited by milk. So stick to dark chocolate, and eat it alone.

5. White chocolate does not contain cocoa:

To make chocolate, cocoa must be processed and depending on the types of chocolate, its concentration is higher or lower. White chocolate only contains cocoa butter, which is very different from cocoa.

Check out the video above for more - but be warned, it might make you hungry...

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