This Woman's Secret To Living A Long Wonderful Life

This Woman's Secret To Living A Long Wonderful Life

Theresa Rowley recently celebrated her 104th birthday and her secret to living a long life is quite spectacular. Watch our video to learn more! 

The Details

Drinking Coca-Cola is often given bad press for having high sugar content and increasing the risk of diabetes and obesity. But, for 104 year old Theresa Rowley, it's had, if anything the opposite effect. Every day since it's release in 1982, the lady, who lives in Michigan in the United States, drinks a can of Diet Coke.

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1. Her explanation: 'I drink it because I like it' she explains. 'I went shopping on Wednesday and I needed more Diet Coke, I had a bag filled with empty cans that I had to bring back to buy new ones'. However, drinking fizzy drinks every day is not what scientists and health experts recommend. If anything, it's the opposite, right?

2. The recommendation: According to scientists, adults who drink at least one can of Diet Coke a day are three times more likely to have a stroke. To this day, Theresa Rowley has been coming out and sipping her favourite drink for 36 years! 'When I was 100, I never thought I'd get to 104. I was 101 years old and nothing happened, today I'm 104 and nothing is happening'. However, this is not to be taken as a proven remedy for all illnesses. 

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