Five surprising benefits of adding lychees to your diet

Do you love lychees? Then here are five good reasons to keep eating them!

The lychee is an often forgotten fruit. Yet it is full of significant benefits! This summer fruit (in the sense that it is grown on islands during the summer season) is often eaten much more in winter, but you should know that its delicious, sweet, soft flesh is also full of benefits.

Originally from China, lychees have it all. Allow us to explain!

Lychees protect the skin

Whether on the beach or on the slopes, lychees are your best friend. This small pink-shelled fruit is excellent for protecting the skin against UV rays and thus fighting against premature ageing of the epidermis.

Its antioxidant properties make it a perfect ally for a more radiant complexion. Put on your skis, don't forget the sun cream, and some lychees!

Lychees help with digestion

Full of vitamins and above all very rich in fibre, lychees are a real ally for difficult digestion. They facilitate digestion and can help relieve stomach aches. So don't deprive yourself of a little lychee at the end of a meal!

Lychees boost the immune system

In winter, the body is exposed to many viruses. Between the flu, colds, and stomach bugs, it is difficult to reach spring without having to go see your GP.

So to get through this difficult period, turn to fruit and foods rich in vitamins. Lychees are a fruit that contain a lot of vitamin C. They are thus perfect for giving your immune system a boost to help you face the winter without any problems!

Lychees provide an energy boost

Thanks to its concentration of B vitamins, iron, calcium, and magnesium, lychees are a real ally in fighting fatigue and helping the immune system. Perfect to face winter, eat them as soon as you have the opportunity, not only for their sweet taste but because of their benefits!

Lychees are good for the heart

Lychees contain a large amount of potassium, which makes them an excellent ally for cardio health. In fact, eating lychees helps to regulate blood pressure correctly and limit the risk of cardiovascular disease. So don't hesitate to eat them regularly and all year round!

How to eat lychees?

There are several ways to consume lychees to take advantage of all their benefits. You can eat them as is, in the morning or as a snack for example, but also in fruit salads.

You can add them to your homemade juices and smoothies, to cakes, make jams out of them, and also use them to accompany savoury dishes such as fish.

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