Easy Recipe For Dinner With Friends

When you've got people round for dinner you don't want to be spending your whole evening in the kitchen away from your guests. Ohmymag brings you some quick and simple ideas for a delicious meal in with close friends.

Easy Recipe For Dinner With Friends
Easy Recipe For Dinner With Friends

A Delicious Easy Meal To Prepare For Dinner

The first way to make meal preparation easier is to delegate! Get your friends in the kitchen: this will allow you to chat with them rather than having them wait awkwardly in the living room.

1. The appetisers: Try to get everyone involved in making appetisers. Take out some bread, ask one of your friends to slice it, another to take charge of toasting, and the others to get spreading - cheese, pâté, or anything else you've got in the cupboards or the fridge. If you've had more time to prepare you can get imaginative: small diced pear on roquefort spread on country bread is divine or small pieces of goat cheese wrapped in thin slices of Italian ham will be delicious appetisers too!

Whilst your friends are taking care of the appetisers, take the opportunity to prepare the rest of the meal. We suggest a mushroom risotto, which you can enjoy with ham or any grilled meat.

2. The main meal: To prepare the mushroom risotto for 4 people, you will need: 250g of risotto rice, 2 shallots, chopped mushrooms, 150ml of white wine, 50g of parmesan, 150ml of single cream, 25g of butter, 1 cube of chicken broth, salt, and pepper.

-Prepare 1.5l of chicken broth

-Peel and mince the shallots

-Melt a little butter in a frying pan

-Sautée the mushrooms in a frying pan until golden brown

-In a saucepan, melt the remaining butter, sweat the shallots, and add the rice (fry until translucent)

-Deglaze with the alcohol then add the broth little by little until completely absorbed

-At the end of cooking, add the mushrooms, cream, and parmesan cheese

-Lightly season or garnish with parsley and serve immediately

3. The dessert: For the delicious dessert, opt for French toast and caramelised apples. Simply slice brioche or ordinary bread, dip the slices, one after the other, in a mixture of sugar, eggs, and milk, then brown them in a pan with a little butter. Slice apples in quarters then fry them in the pan with butter then add brown sugar.

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