A Starbucks barista shares a secret on how to get free drinks

As much as we love a good Starbucks drink, we have to admit it always come at quite a high price. A former barista shares her secret to getting your coffee for free!

A Starbucks Barista Shares a Secret on How to Get Free Drinks
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Eloise Fouladgar, a 20-year-old Londoner shares some very welcomed tips on how to get free drinks at yourlocal Starbucks. If you're wondering how she knows, it's because the young influencer who has 2.5 million fans on TikTok used to work as a barista there.

She just did us a huge favour by uploading on TikTok a series of videos where she explains how to get free drinks.

Secret revealed!

The first trick she shares is something we're all guilty of having tried... Telling the baristas it's your birthday! Starbucks Rewards members get a free drink on their birthday. As for getting a coffee for £1.50 she said :

So when you go in and order your Starbucks coffee, it usually costs about £4.50. All you have to do is ask for two shots of coffee. Then if you want it like an iced coffee, you ask for one large cup of ice which is free. Then you take the cup of ice and the espresso shots. Then, you know the counter with all the sugar, there's actually loads and loads of milk. They come in little cartons, so all you have to do is put the espresso shots in the cup of ice, get the cartons of milk, pour the milk in and there you go you, get a £1.50 coffee.

Simply ask for a refill

She continues by explaining how to get any drink for just 50p. It's pretty simple, but there is a catch—to get a drink for 50p you need to have already ordered a drink for which you paid the full price. Then, simply ask for a refill for which you will be charged 50p...

The revelations have been contradicted by a Starbucks spokesperson who told FEMAIL:

Starbucks doesn’t give out free drinks or food to anyone on their birthday if they ask for it. Starbucks Rewards members do get a free drink on their birthday, plus a free drink when they collect 150 stars on the new Starbucks Rewards programme.

Still, it's definitely worth a try.