4 Foods That Should Definitely Not Be Kept In The Fridge

Not everything should be kept cold! Although it is a very practical way to preserve fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods, some foods should not go in the fridge, allow us to explain which ones.


You'd think tomatoes should go in the fridge because it helps to preserve them. And yet, this is not the ideal place to store them. Once they are cold, tomatoes lose their flavour and become mealy in texture. When kept at room temperature, tomatoes will continue to ripen, so remember to buy the right amount so you don't have to throw any of them away! Tip: To ripen tomatoes faster, storing them in a paper bag helps trap the ethylene that comes out of them and speeds up the process.


Cold turns the starch in potatoes into sugar. This can affect their flavour and the way they cook. The best way to store potatoes is to keep them in a dark, dry place. Keeping them in a place that is too hot can cause the potato to produce a toxin: solanine, which can be harmful in too high a quantity.


Honey is virtually imperishable. Although it can crystallise, it remains perfectly edible. It is important to store honey in an airtight container.


It may come as a surprise, but in many homes, the coffee is kept in the fridge. However, coffee beans are porous and will collect moisture and... Other aromas in your fridge (be careful if you have any smelly cheeses in there). This has the effect of degrading the final taste of the coffee. To preserve it properly, an airtight jar away from heat and sunlight will suffice!

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