30 Easy Ways To Cook Leeks

Check out these 30 easy and gourmet ways to cook and prepare leeks.

30 Easy Ways To Cook Leeks
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30 Easy Ways To Cook Leeks

Have you ever bought a big bunch of leeks but don’t know how to cook them or what to do with them? Well don’t panic, we have plenty of ideas for recipes you can try.

How to choose and cook your leeks

Choosing leeks isn’t very complicated. To ensure this vegetable is as fresh as possible, make sure its leaves aren’t withered or wrinkled and that the small shoots at the ends of the leeks are still white.

To cook them, you will first have to remove the two ends of the leek. You should then slice them quite finely but don’t forget to wash them once you have done so. Sometimes bits of soil can still be lingering and trapped between the leaves of the leek. Not very appetising at all!

Changing up the basics

Leeks can be used to add a bit of flair to lots of well-known dishes. You can add them to carbonara, lasagne, noodles, casseroles, eggs or even some mince dishes. They will add a little green to your favourite meals and will melt in your mouth if cooked well.

Plenty of pie dishes

Leeks are often cooked until they almost melt and then added to pies. This means you can easily bake some lovely, savoury leek and mushroom, leek and cheese, leek and tuna and even leek and salmon pies… works every time!