10 Tips for Improving Your Yoghurt Cake

Do you love yoghurt cake? Here are 10 tips to make it even better and more flavorful!

There is nothing easier than a yoghurt cake. 1 part yoghurt, 3 cups of flour, 2 cups of sugar, 1/2 cup of oil, 2 eggs, a packet of yeast and that's it. This plain cake is extremely simple and can be made by everyone, even beginners.

However, this soft cake remains very classic and neutral in taste. Here are a few tricks to give it an original touch without distorting it. Let's get started!

Vanilla powder

To subtly flavour your cake, add vanilla bean powder. It's a delight!

Tonka bean

To give a delicious taste to your cake with a hint of originality, you can use Tonka bean. This small bean looks like nutmeg and its taste is close to that of vanilla. Try it, you'll see!

Citrus zest

To give freshness to your cake, do not hesitate to add citrus zest such as lemon or orange. For more originality, try yuzu lemon or bergamot lemon. It's sure to be a success!

Fresh fruit

Want to give a fruity touch to your dessert? Add pieces of apple, pear or banana to the mixture.


To make a chocolate yoghurt cake, you can substitute plain yoghurt with a chocolatey dessert, or simply add 100 g of melted dark chocolate melted to the mixture, or 50 g of cocoa powder. As easy as that!

Icing on top

To give your yoghurt cake a sophisticated look, you can cover it with icing. Prepare a mixture of cream and melted chocolate, or a simpler icing with lemon and icing sugar. Finally, you can put your yoghurt cake in small muffin tins and add cream cheese frosting on top to make a cupcake.

Matcha tea powder

Feel like getting away? Add a Japanese touch to your cake by adding matcha tea powder. Not only will your cake taste like green tea, but it will also have a nice green colour.

Chocolate chips

To make your yoghurt a delicious gourmet snack (but not too sweet either), add 100 g of dark or milk chocolate chips to the mixture.

Some coconut

If you love coconut, you can flavour your yoghurt cake with it. Just add 100 g of coconut powder and a coconut-flavoured yoghurt. A real treat!

Almond or hazelnut powder

To give your cake even more softness, replace a cup of flour with hazelnut or almond powder.

So, which one of these do you prefer?

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