This TikTok training program makes you lose weight effectively

A cardio workout launched by an influencer on TikTok is making the rounds on the app. And for good reason, as it seems to actually work!

Every year, several months before the start of summer, many sports coaches start their own sports program combining cardio, muscle toning, or even weight training to help their clients best prepare their bodies for the summer sun. This is notably the case of the youtuber Sissy Mua who has just made available the seventh version of Bikiny with Sissy. There has been a real craze for a sports training called 12-2-30, for several months now. It appeared several months ago on TikTok, and rumour has it it'll make you lose weight quickly.

Angle, speed, and time

To do this cardio workout, all you need to do is set up a treadmill and put on your running shoes. Start by setting the incline of your treadmill to 12%, then set the speed to 3 and complete a 30-minute run while keeping these settings all the time.


Game changer honestly

♬ original sound - Lauren Giraldo

This workout, which can be performed by beginners and experts alike, appeared several months ago on teen-beloved social network, Tiktok. The originator of this training, Lauren Giraldo, is an influencer. She simply posted a video of her exercise routine performing that famous 12-3-30. However, she does warn that this session must be performed at least 5 times a week in order to see real results.

Is 12-3-20 really effective?

Lauren Giraldo said she lost nearly 14 kg by performing this program 5 times a week without changing her lifestyle. The treadmill is known to help with weight loss. But how do you do it? Modifying the difficulty of the exercise via a change in incline or even a change in speed, will increase the heart rate, mobilizing more muscles in order to burn more calories.

More and more TikTok followers are testing this cardio workout to see if it really works and they are almost always won over.

Almost a month after my surgery I did a 12 3 30 and it feels good to get the endorphins working
I did the 12 3 30 treadmill thing and why am I seeing the results ??? My stomach is a little flatter and it's only been 3 days ??

This workout, in addition to helping to lose weight, improves endurance and physical fitness, a real 3 in 1.

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