People Reckon McDonald's Are Using This Sneaky Technique To Cheat You Out Of Chips

You might want to be extra vigilant next time you visit the Golden Arches.

A crazy conspiracy theory has been circulating on Reddit. Several supposed 'ex-employees' of McDonald's restaurants have indicated that there is a technique for giving fewer fries to customers.

According to some, they would even be obliged by the management to do this trick, so as not to overportion and save a maximum. The principle is simple, when an employee serves fries, they have to pinch the cardboard on the side while putting the French fries inside. As a result, we feel that the package is full, when in reality there is still a lot of room.

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While many complain of being forced to practice this method, a spokesman for McDonald's agreed to speak to the MailOnline: 'We believe that these claims are fictitious, there is no secret trick and we have very strict procedures to ensure that the portions are not under-filled,' he explained, adding: 'Our employees strive to ensure that our customers experience the best possible service in our restaurants and we strongly refute any statements that suggest otherwise.'

Either way, make sure your pack of fries is full next time you visit the Golden Arches, just in case.

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