After Buying A Happy Meal In 2010, This Woman Got A Shock When She Opened It Six Years Later

After Buying A Happy Meal In 2010, This Woman Got A Shock When She Opened It Six Years Later

A young woman bought a Happy Meal in 2010. For fun, she decided to open it in February 2016, over six years later. The state that she found it in has shocked everyone - check out the video above to see it for yourself!

Jennifer Lovdahl has created an internet sensation. The thirty-year-old chiropractor from Alaska posted a photo on her Facebook. It shows a McDonald’s Happy Meal from the 8th of January 2010!

She explained that she wanted to do an experiment: find out what the food would look like after a few years. So, on the 3rd of February 2016, more than six years after the purchase, the young woman opened the box. And to her surprise, all the food remained intact.

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'It has been in our office since the day that I bought it and hasn’t gone mouldy, rotten, or decomposed at all. It just smells of the box,' she wrote on the post, which has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

However, not everyone was convinced by the reliability of Jennifer's 'experiment'. McDonald’s responded to the post in a statement: 'While not knowing the conditions in which the food was kept in this specific claim, what is scientifically known is that decomposition of food happens under certain conditions. Without sufficient moisture – either in the food itself or the environment in which it is held – decomposition is unlikely. This is not unique to McDonald’s food. Any food – whether homemade, store bought or from a restaurant - can dehydrate in a dry environment, therefore not decompose.'

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