She got a Chinese character tattoo and its true meaning is hilarious

While travelling by plane, this man noticed the tattoo of the passenger who was right beside him. Written in Chinese, this inscription probably should not have been translated because if her owner knew what it really meant, she would never have gotten it…

Twitter - Alton Wang
© Alton Wang
Twitter - Alton Wang

Ah, the joys of foreign languages​. Have you ever found that a word or phrase sounded good in a language that was not yours before realising that its meaning was something completely different?

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This is what happened to this woman who had the great idea of having Chinese characters tattooed onto her ankle to have a bit of originality. However, she probably did not speak the language before embarking on this adventure. This is what Alton Wang revealed, a passenger who was on the same plane as her and quietly photographed this passenger’s tattoo. Of Asian origin, he had no difficulty in translating the inscription.

He revealed on Twitter what the tattoo really meant Alton Wang joked:

I didn’t have the heart to tell this woman next to me that her tattoo means miso.

Commenting on his photo that the inscription was actually the famous Chinese low-calorie soup. Unless the young woman is a real fan of miso soup to the point of putting it on her body, it is clear that she did not know what her tattoo meant. Now she has the answer!

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