After being cheated on, pregnant woman sells boyfriend's console and games for £3

After committing the unforgivable, this player received the appropriate punishment, with a perfectly deserved act of revenge.

cheat pregnant woman sells boyfriend game console UK
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cheat pregnant woman sells boyfriend game console UK

When you play a game, you have to expect to lose. You might even say that defeat is important, in a video game at least. So when you gamble big, and especially if you play with fire, you have to be prepared get burned. That's what a young British man found out on his way home. His girlfriend realized that he hadn't really respected her... and her response is worth the mention.

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He makes an unforgivable mistake

While she was pregnant with her first child, Georgia Jackson was sharing her life with the gentleman who apparently became a bit flighty and went elsewhere twice. A betrayal which, as you can imagine, went down rather badly with the young woman. So Georgia, a resident of Northumberland in the north-east of England, decided to take her revenge in the proper way.

She sold his console and games for less than the price of a Big Mac

Because he took away her most precious possession, her pride and honour, she methodically made sure that he also lost what was closest to his heart. Mad with rage, Georgia Jackson put her partner's entire gaming collection up for sale, along with his Xbox One console and a top-of-the-range headset, for a derisory price: £3. When you consider the amount of money invested to build up such a gaming set, it's hard on the wallet... and not only.

Here is Georgia's advert online:

I just found out my partner put his p*nis in another girl, so I'm selling his pride and joy, hence the price.

£3, but why?

To explain the derisory amount of this sale, the young woman reveals that it's the price of the knife she plans to buy back, now that the one she was using for cooking has ended up stuck in her partner's tires.

This type of revenge is nothing new, and brings to mind the story of the woman who, after being deceived, sold her boyfriend's Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection (for a colossal sum this time). Moral: if sharing your passion with your other half can be good, you have to face up to the consequences if you're unfaithful. Message received?

This article has been translated from Gentside FR.

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