Want to vote on Love Island? This is how you can do it

Love Island is back with eleven sexy singletons and it has our hearts racing with excitement as much as yours! Here’s how you can be an active part of the show.

The new season starts in the next couple of hours and we are ready for a whopping 10 weeks of our summer to be filled with love, laughter, flirting and of course, the drama! And while viewing the show is fun, what’s even more exciting is being an active part of the show through Voting. Here’s how you can vote on Love Island this season.

Votes are important

After giving the public authority to vote on their favourite two people together, Love Island bosses have hinted towards a summer full of people playing the cupid. Meaning, we may be using the voting feature more often than expected. To vote on any polls conducted during the show, you need to download the free Love Island app on your phone. Downloading the app is the only way to vote and it’s all for free! Here’s how to do it:

  • Once you have downloaded the app, open it and register yourself.
  • After you register, you will see a ‘vote’ icon on the bottom of the screen and will be able to vote.
  • You will also find the latest questions from the show to vote on from there.

Narrator Iain Sterling will announce at the end of an episode if there’s a vote that needs to be cast.

Your voting guide!

Voting could be held for different things at different times. For instance, saving an islander, picking up couples for dates, pairing islanders together and so on. Here is everything you need to know while casting a vote:

  • Depending on the nature of the vote, the voting lines will be open for 30 mins to an entire day.
  • Each voting prompt will inform you exactly about the nature of voting, the deadline and the details for it.
  • As soon as a new vote has been launched on the show, the ‘vote’ icon will automatically appear in the app for you.
  • You can only cast one vote per device; however, you can register up to six different devices for free voting per account setup.
  • Once you have tapped on ‘confirmed,’ you cannot change your vote.
  • If you’re watching the show on-demand instead of the originally scheduled broadcast, there’s a good chance your vote will not be considered.

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