The Duke of Kent suffers from the same health issue as Queen Elizabeth

The absence of this royal was noticed over the weekend as the Royal Family held a Remembrance Day service.

Duke of Kent Prince Edwards Remembrance Day Royal Family
© Mark Cuthbert / GETTY IMAGES
Duke of Kent Prince Edwards Remembrance Day Royal Family

Between demonstrations and violence, the weekend of 11 November was very eventful. Among all this, the Royal Family held their annual service to commemorate the end of World War I.

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As usual, the royals marked Remembrance Day by holding a service at the Cenotaph. However, people noticed the absence of this royal.

The Duke of Kent has ‘mobility problems’

People who noticed The Duke of Kent's absence will want to know why the working royal was not at the service. The reason is simple: he is 88 and, according to sources, he suffers from

episodic mobility problem

Millercare, a mobility specialist, reports that ‘episodic mobility problem’ does not ‘refer to one specific condition.’ Instead it is used for people who occasionally suffer from a ‘temporary reduction in mobility and agility’.

This is a typical issue with people who are older. However, obesity and some chronic diseases can also cause ‘episodic mobility problems’.

One of the oldest working royals

The Duke of Kent may not be the most well-known senior member of the Royal Family but he is certainly one of the oldest. He became a working member of the Firm after retiring from the army in 1976.

He was born in 1935 and is the son of Prince George, George VI’s brother. This makes the Duke of Kent Queen Elizabeth II’s first cousin. Throughout his time as a working royal, the Duke of Kent has been passionate about working towards the remembrance of the sacrifices made during both World Wars.

Since 1970, he has been the President of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission which has taken him all over the world.

The words used to describe the Duke of Kent’s absence are reminiscent of the words used to justify Queen Elizabeth’s absence to functions when her health was declining.

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