Prince Harry reveals the Queen's (amazing) Christmas present for Archie

On James Corden's 'Late Late Show,' Prince Harry made some personal confidences, like the unusual gift from Elizabeth to her great-grandson Archie.

Queen and grandson
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Queen and grandson

Prince Harry is a new man. Now settled in California where he leads the good life with Megan Markle and their son Archie in a grand mansion, villa, the Duke of Sussex appeared more relaxed than ever, alongside James Corden. The British host who also lives in Los Angeles, had invited him as part of The Late Late Show with James Corden, for an original and humorous segment. The opportunity for Prince Harry to indulge in some confidences, in particular on his departure from the Crown but also on his son, Archie. As the host asked him about the 1.5-year-old boy, the Duke of Sussex revealed the particularly surprising gift Queen Elizabeth II gave Archie for Christmas.

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A doting grandma

For the record, my grandma asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas, and Meg said a waffle maker. So she sent us a waffle maker for Archie. Now for breakfast, Megan makes a great organic recipe. She pours it into the machine, and it's ready. He loves it. And I get to have waffles in the morning now.

For years, the Queen has been particularly fond of improbable gifts. For the Christmas holidays, the members of the royal family have also established a tradition: to give each other the most improbable gifts, just to have some fun. Newly arrived in the family, Meghan Markle dove in this tradition whole-heartedly!

Eased tensions?

Prince Harry, who wanted to explain that he had in no way fled the Crown's authority, may have attempted through this anecdote to put an end to the rumours of internal quarrelling? Since their departure from the monarchy, the Sussexes have indeed struggled to maintain smooth relations with the Queen, and have even recently had their last royal titles withdrawn. During the interview, Meghan Markle's husband stood firm, saying he did 'what any husband or father would have done.'

No, I did not run away and I will always be of service to others, no matter where I live.
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