Love Island's Luca shows interest in the new bombshell Ekin-Su

Since the time Ekin-Su has entered the villa, everyone knows she is going to cause trouble and drama. And do boys love that vibe of hers?

Ekin-Su arrived on the show on Thursday and after her date with Liam, but her arrival didn’t go too well with some of the islanders. This comes after she had a chat with the girls of the villa and confessed:

I'm sorry I'm not here to make seasonal girlfriends, I'm here to find the love of my life.

Ekin-Su stirs the game

According to a new first-look preview of the show, Luca has confessed that he has his eyes on someone new. As soon as Ekin-Su entered, Liam, Davide and Luca were instantly impressed and vocal about their attractions. As all the boys began to chat about the new bombshells in the bedroom, Liam admitted he finds Ekin-Su ‘naughty’ to which Luca said very excitedly:

I want to rip her clothes off!

MailOnline also reports that he added:

Ekin-Su, oh my god, she's going to cause trouble.

The conversation then steered into the way she's going to cause trouble in the villa. As she is not wasting any time chatting up with boys and finding herself a man. So later in the day when she was given a dare to perform, she teased Davide with a seductive dance move and a peck on his cheek. She also confessed in the beach hut:

Who else would I want to be rubbing my booty against, you know, the nice little eight pack!

Luca – The Player

Luca’s interest in Ekin-Su has also sparked speculation about him being a player. He is currently paired up with Paige Thorne by the public. Despite their under-the-covers action and admitting that he likes her Luca made his move on Gemma as well. The two shared a steamy kiss in the game of beer pong after Luca was asked who he would like to have a threesome with.

After their kiss, Luca asked Gemma out for a chat up on the terrace to see how they were feeling and he then admitted:

I wanted to know what you're saying and feeling as I don't want to hurt anyone, but I fancy the s*** out of you.
Like, in all honesty, if I could switch beds tonight then I would.

Gemma flirtatiously replied:

I am attracted to you and I definitely would want to get to know you.

According to The Sun, this has left the viewers feeling that he’s a game player as they bashed him on social media for it.

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