Love Island viewers left horrified after watching this 'disgusting' task

After seeing the contestants participate in a drink spitting challenge last night, many Love Island viewers found themselves grabbing for the sick bucket.

The stomach-churning lip service task made a return this year. The task essentially forces people to get up close and personal to transfer food or liquid. And during the Monday night’s episode, Islanders were seen spitting liquid into each other’s mouths to fill a cocktail glass.

Complaints on the way

The task has the boys filling in liquid in their mouths from a large drink dispenser. They then had to slide across a dancefloor to transfer the same liquid to their partner’s mouth through their mouth. The girls then had to spit the liquid in a cocktail glass and whosoever filled the glass first would win. While Luca and Danica were crowned champions of the task, The Sun reports it didn’t go down well with the viewers.

Following the task, a very annoyed audience took to Twitter and slammed ITV for the horror that it was. Threatening to complain to Ofcom, fans wrote:

We need to report this challenge to ofcom 🤮🤮🤮 #LoveIsland.
Why do they keep bringing back this game? It’s not even a joke. Where can I submit an OFCOM complaint? #loveisland.
Time to call Ofcom over these nasty food and drink spitting challenges. they're not erotic or kinky. they're DISGUSTING! #LoveIsland.
They allowed Davide to do mouth to mouth with Gemma? Do they want ofcom complaints 😭😭 #LoveIsland

Why every year?

This comes after Metro News previously reported that Love Island’s disgusting food challenges will be axed in the 2022 season after the backlash from last year. Messy food challenges have been a constant for the show since the beginning, but after last year when viewers asked the producers to put an end to them, executive producer Mike Spencer decided to act on it. He confirmed:

We are stepping away from the food challenges as we know them.

However, with a very slight variation this year, Islanders were asked yet again to transfer liquid mouth to mouth and this has viewers enraged once again.

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