Love Island reunion was forced to shut down because of these two islanders

The Love Island reunion was filmed on Thursday in the UK and two islanders made it so chaotic that producers had to step in to pause the drama.

There’s no love lost between Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe. Summer Botwe confirmed recently that Josh Le Grove and her started dating after the show and this led to one of the most chaotic fights of the reunion that forced the producers to step in.

Cat fight

According to the onlookers, there was a bust-up between Coco and Summer over Josh. Coco recently made comments about how she regrets not sleeping with Josh and that started all the fire, confirms The Sun.

An audience member said:

[There was] a very heated exchange between Coco and Summer. Producers had to step in and shut it down.
Summer made a comment about friends not being real friends on the outside and Coco was trying to defend herself saying 'it was all banter'.

After Coco’s comment on Josh, Summer unfollowed her on Instagram.

Josh and Coco?

Coco Lodge was featured on the Saving Grace podcast and made several claims, one of which concerned Josh. She told the listeners that right after Coco and Josh were dumped from the main villa, they were taken into a secret villa where she had a chance to sleep with Josh. Coco confirmed:

You go to this like amazing villa, like basically as good as like the main villa, with Josh and two chaperones.

Notoriously Host Grace Keeling asked if anything happened between the two dumped Islanders that night, to which Coco replied:

No, and I'm actually annoyed because I feel like I could have now. Talking to him now after I'm like, I feel like it could have happened.
He was like 'Oh I'm horny' and I was like 'Right I'm going to take myself to bed.'
But I don't know why I did that because sorry, he's so fit!

Coco also confessed that Josh and she are really close now after the show and hang out every day.

But we are really close now, like we spend like every day, like all day together.

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