Love Island: Jamie Allen is a huge player and only wants fame, claims friends

Jamie Allen is one of the latest bombshells to enter the villa and shake things up for the existing couples. And as he makes his moves on Danica, his friends warn her about his real motives.

The 27-year-old footballer who reportedly left his pre-season training to join the villa isn’t all that sweet or romantic. His idea behind getting on to the show is apparently to get famous and not find love, according to his friends.

Player in the house

Mirror confirms that Jamie’s friends have spoken about how he is as a person. Jamie agreed to throw his football career away to be on the show when it will end in two more weeks making his friends think he isn’t serious about finding love. One of his pals said:

Jamie's been single for ages but always has a girl on the go - he's a bit of a player like that. He's not looking to fall in love - everyone thinks he just wants to be famous and be on TV.
Nobody can understand why he's ditched his football career to go into a show that's only got two weeks left to run.

Jamie’s football career didn’t really do well last year and so if the footballer is on the show to gain fame and popularity it might not be the most surprising thing in the world.

Jamie wants love

While his friends are accusing him of being on the show for fame, Jamie has expressed his intentions otherwise. The Halifax ace admitted to wanting someone more stable and ‘genuine’ as he has turned 27 now. In his intro TV video, he said:

Now I am 27, I want to find someone, have a genuine connection and fall in love so Love Island is the perfect place for me to find that

Jamie also added he wouldn’t mind upsetting a few lads if it would help him find love on the show.

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