Love Island Ekin-Su’s secret signal to her best friend revealed

Ekin-Su comes with a lot of drama and it doesn’t seem to stop. Amidst her deal with another islander and villa shenanigans, she has a secret signal to communicate with her friends.

Being on the show around a bunch of strangers that seem to be running after the same things as you are can be a bit overwhelming. And it seems like things were getting too much for Ekin-Su inside the villa.

Plaits the way!

After arriving in the villa as a bombshell in the first week, Ekin-Su has made quite an impact. And it has been reported by The Sun, that she has a secret way of communicating with her friends outside the villa. The publication explained that Ekin-Su’s friend Arabella Ovenden confirmed:

We have this sign – if she ever plaits her hair that means that she misses me. She did it almost straight away.
It made me feel bad, girls can be very bitchy and it just didn’t seem like they were taking to her.
It seems fine now that she’s come out of her shell. She won’t let people mess her about, she’s very genuine.

After the revelation, it was noticed that Ekin-Su braids her hair time and again on the show.

Playing the player!

Ekin-Su has been accused of playing games ever since she stepped into the villa. It was also revealed previously that she already has a winning plan with a man who is set to enter the villa soon. The Sun revealed that Ekin-Su already has a plan set with James Price, who was supposed to be on the show as a bombshell or a part of Casa Amor. In the messages that seemed to come from Ekin-Su, she urged James to come to the island soon and stick with her.

After realising that the Turkish beauty's cunning methods had gone too far, one of her friends said:

Everybody knows Love Island can be a big machine for making money and becoming famous. Even those that really did find love also happened to make tons of money too, didn’t they?
Ekin just wanted a piece of that.

However, a Love Island source confirmed that James had pulled out of the gig last minute. The source added:

James is not due to enter the villa and wasn't a final contender.

Her friends believe that Ekin-Su is still waiting for James to enter the villa and trying to stick around until he comes to save the damsel in distress.

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