Hailey Bieber finally opens up about the stroke that left her unable to speak

Hailey Beiber recently spoke up about her brief stay in a hospital due to the stroke she suffered. She uploaded a 13-minute video talking about it.

Hailey Beiber left her fans in shock when it was reported that she had been hospitalized. The out of the blue incident took place in March and left her fans speechless. Hailey has not talked about the incident herself but her husband, Justin Bieber, has reassured everyone that she is absolutely fine now.

Strange symptoms

Hailey opened up about the incident in her recent YouTube video. She explained that she and Bieber were having their usual morning breakfast when she suddenly started to feel strange. The sensation spread out from her shoulder to the tips of her fingers. She added that a few seconds later, suddenly, she lost her ability to speak.

The numbness then spread further to her face and she lost the sensation in the right side of her face. She felt as if she was having a stroke and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Trip to the hospital

She received emergency care and was admitted for some further testing. She was diagnosed with TIA, a Transient Ischemic Attack. She had a small blood clot in her brain that had travelled from a hole in her heart to her brain. The whole encounter happened very quickly, she said:

It almost felt like a small stroke.

The 25-year-old model mentioned that she had surgery to close the hole in her heart and reassured her fans that the surgery went smoothly.

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