Millie Court opens up about ‘nasty’ comments that left her hurt

Love Island season seven winner opens up about the impact of being constantly judged by people on her looks and getting nasty comments on her social media.

Millie Court opens up about ‘nasty’ comments that left her hurt
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Millie Court opens up about ‘nasty’ comments that left her hurt

When Millie and Liam won Love Island, they also won the audience's hearts. However, the 24-year-old gorgeous Millie has insecurities like a very regular person and negative comments leave her feeling hurt enough to say:

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I’m human – nobody likes to feel judged.

Pregnancy comments

When Millie appeared on Love Island, she was a size-8 after months of working out and eating healthy. Even during her quarantine period in Mallorca, she stayed consistent and maintained her fitness. However when she got on the show, the food in the villa and the heat made her eat less than usual, which made her lose weight further and she was a size-6 when she won.

After coming back to regular life, she started eating again and naturally gained weight. And social media wasn’t very nice about it. She got comments on how she looked and some asked if she was pregnant. She told The Sun:

After the show, I gradually put weight back on and rediscovering my curves made me feel sexy. But recently, I’ve received nasty comments on social media about my size-10 figure, with some people even asking if I’m pregnant.
Can you imagine if I couldn’t have children or I was trying for a baby and not succeeding?

On International Women’s Day in March, she hit back at the trolls and gave them a piece of her mind. She wrote on her social media:

NO, I am not pregnant although one day hopefully I will be and I'm sure it'll be one of the happiest days of my life.

Millie also told the publication:

It’s so important to not get sucked in by beauty standards of perfection. Even though I’m now happy with the way I am, inside and out, those comments hurt. I’m human – nobody likes to feel judged.

Confidence isn’t that easy

Speaking about her childhood, Millie also confessed to not being this confident always. She struggled with IBS when she was in school, which was linked to her anxiety. Nobody knew about it and as soon as she finished school, IBS disappeared too. Later on, she had a contraceptive implant fitted that gave her hormonal acne. This made her further self-conscious and she felt embarrassed about meeting new people. Eventually, this insecurity also left but it did teach her a great lesson. Millie added:

Acceptance is powerful and the key to surviving crises of confidence is to maintain a good sense of humour and perspective.
So where does love fit into all of this? I don’t believe that being in a relationship has a bearing on self-confidence.
Yes, receiving compliments from Liam makes me feel great, but no one should rely on another person’s approval to feel good.

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