Who is Georgia Tennant? David Tennant's wife who survived cervical cancer

BAFTAs host David Tennant’s wife Georgia Tennant ‘had and survived’ cervical cancer in 2018 without knowing it. Here’s what happened to her and how she overcame it.

BAFTAs host David Tennat Georgia Tennant cervical cancer
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BAFTAs host David Tennat Georgia Tennant cervical cancer

If wedding vows are something to go by, you agree to be by your partner’s side through all thick and thin - be it financial lows and highs or health lows and highs. That’s what BAFTAs host David Tennant had to experience with his wife Georgia Tennant.

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According to David, his wife Georgia had a ‘terrifying’ cancer scare in 2018 and he still gets ‘flashbacks’ of that dreadful time. Here’s what happened to her and how she overcame it.

David Tennant’s wife Georgia Tennant’s cervical cancer scare

Georgia’s health scare began in 2018 when she got a smear test done. The test saved her life as it ‘stopped, beat and cut out’ her cervical cancer before the disease could spread, reports Mirror. Georgia documented the experience publicly on her personal blog and emphasised the importance of smear tests so that others too could catch any issues in time.

Opening up about her hospital visits, Georgia revealed that she had CIN2 - which is also known as pre-cancer. CIN2 means two-thirds of the thickness of the cervical surface layer is affected by abnormal cells and there’s a higher risk that these abnormal cells can develop into cervical cancer - whose symptoms you can actually smell too. Her doctors performed a cervical excision on the star and got rid of the abnormal cells. After the surgery, she was informed by her ‘lovely doctor’ that the abnormal cells were, in fact, cancer and they got all of it out during the surgery. Sharing on her blog at that time, she wrote:

It was cancer. They've got it all but it was cancer. Survived cancer without ever realising I had it. As you can tell I’m still processing this, it's quite a thing to get your head around.

The 39-year-old shared that the entire process was so scary that she ‘started planning her own funeral.’ She revealed:

I'd started planning my funeral. Having kids takes you to that place pretty quickly I find.

However, ‘a stroke of baffling luck’ made it possible for her to get rid of the disease just in time. NHS has previously also urged people with a cervix to attend cervical cancer screenings.

David Tennant’s wife Georgia Tennant: Who is she?

Best known for his starring role in Doctor Who, David Tennant is a national treasure. David Tennant and his wife Georgia are one of the internet’s favourite couples as they are often spotted posing in loved-up displays. The two met in May 2008 when Georgia appeared in an episode of Doctor Who as Jenny - an artificially created daughter of the tenth doctor David Tennant.

Born in London on December 25, 1984, has also played a recurring role as Abigail Nixon in The Bill from 2007 to 2009, reports The Sun. Georgia’s father is Doctor Who actor Peter Davison and just like him, she made her on-screen debut at the tender age of just 15 in Peak Practice in 1999, playing Nicki Davey.

Georgia and David got engaged in January 2011 and tied the knot on December 30, 2011, in a private and small ceremony. The two have five children — Ty, Georgia's son whom Tennant adopted, along with Olive, Wilfred, Doris, and Birdie.

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