Ryan Giggs: Former Man United player to become dad for third time at 50

Ryan Giggs used to play for Manchester United and has since become a manager. At the age of 50, he is having a third child with his model girlfriend, 14 years his junior.

Ryan Giggs dad third time 50 relationships
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Ryan Giggs dad third time 50 relationships

Ryan Giggs was born on November 29, 1973 in Wales. Many people know Giggs through his football career. Indeed, he played as a midfielder for Manchester United from July 1990 to July 2016, meaning he played for the popular club for a total of 26 years.

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After hanging up his football boots, Ryann Giggs remained in the football industry and became the assistant manager for Manchester United. Giggs had an impressive career, as per the Manchester United page, he made 963 appearances and scored 168 goals.

Outside of the football pitch, Ryan Giggs has had a few relationships. Since 2021, he has been with lingerie model, Zara Charles and the two have recently announced they are expecting a baby, making Ryan Giggs a dad for the third time at the age of 50.

Ryann Giggs to be a father again aged 50

As reported by The Sun, Ryan Giggs, 50, and his girlfriend, Zara Charles, 36, are expecting a child together. According to sources, both Ryan and Zara are thrilled by the news of a new arrival.

Ryan and Zara are thrilled at the prospect of becoming parents again.

Moreover, Ryan’s other two children from his ex-wife Stacey Cooke, have reportedly taken the news of a new sibling very well. A source told The Sun that at first, Ryan was ‘nervous’ about what his children, Zach, 17, and Libby, 19, would think of a new sibling.

According to the source, both children are ‘happy’ as they both like Zara and they just want their father to be happy:

Ryan was nervous about what his kids would think but they’ve got to know Zara over the last few years and really like her. They’re happy because they know he’s happy.

The source added that Ryan’s children joked that he would ‘struggle’ with lack of sleep and the inevitable early mornings.

A look into Ryan Giggs and Zara Charles’s relationship

Ryan Giggs and Zara Charles have been dating since 2021 and both have children from previous relationships. Zara, who is a lingerie model has a daughter from a previous marriage.

A source told The Sun that Ryan and Zara have a ‘solid, loving relationship’ and are working toward a ‘long-term future’.

They have a very solid, loving relationship and are building a long-term future together.

The source gave a small insight into the couple’s relationship stating:

Their life is very simple, they go for walks, they go for coffee and love keeping fit.

Thankfully, Ryan and Zara have a well-adjusted blended family and both get on well with Ryan’s ex-wife, Stacey Cooke. Another source explained to The Sun that Stacey had given her blessing because she wants her ex-husband to be happy, as it makes him a good father:

Stacey approves of Zara. Her and Ryan have been through a lot but they have moved on and she’s only interested in him being happy, because that makes him a good dad to their kids. There is no animosity.

A look into Ryan Giggs's marriage to Stacey Cooke

Ryan Giggs married Stacey Cooke in 2007 and the two welcomed two children, Zachary Joseph Giggs, who is a midfielder for Sheffield United, born October 1, 2006, and Liberty Beau Giggs, born April 9, 2003, who prefers to lead a quiet life away from the public.

However, the couple’s marriage was put to the test when it was revealed that Ryan had been having an eight-year-long affair with his brother Rhodri's wife, Natasha. Against all odds, Stacey and Ryan’s marriage went on.

Due to his affair, some of Ryan’s family cut him off and his father said he was ‘ashamed’ of his son. Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, Ryan also had an affair with Big Brother star Imogen Thomas. In the end, Stacey and Ryan split in 2016 but their divorce was not finalised until 2017.

According to Daily Mail, the divorce could have cost Ryan £20 million but Stacey and Ryan managed to stay ‘firm friends’.

Ryan Giggs had been accused of domestic violence

As reported by Metro, Ryan Giggs was accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville. According to reports, Giggs faced a four-week trial after being accused of headbutting Kate Greville during an argument.

The incident reportedly took place in November 2020 after Kate had confronted Ryan for being unfaithful, mentionning Zara was one of them. As per Metro, Ryan was also accused of attacking Kate’s younger sister Emma during the same argument, which reportedly took place in Worsley, Greater Manchester.

As per The Sun, Ryan Giggs had also been charged with controlling coercive behaviour towards Kate during their three-year relationship.

At the time of the trial in June 2022, Ryan Giggs had stepped down as manager for the Welsh national team. In the end, the jury was discharged as they were unable to reach a verdict on any of the charges, as reported by Metro.

The trial was originally rescheduled for July 2023 but was abandoned after Kate refused to give evidence, claiming the first trial had taken a toll on her mental health, as per The Sun. Judge Hilary Manley then told Manchester Crown Court:

I formally enter not guilty verdicts in respect of each of the three counts.

After the verdict, Giggs’s lawyer released a statement:

Mr Giggs is deeply relieved the prosecution has finally come to an end after almost three years in which he’s been fighting throughout to clear his name.


He’s now been found not guilty of all the charges and going forward would like to rebuild his life and career as an innocent man.

It was announced in March that Ryan Giggs had returned to the industry as director of football at Salford City. During the whole trial, Zara Charles had remained by Ryan's side and supported him, to which Ryan thanked her publicly.

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