Jadon Sancho's complicated Manchester United saga nears its end, here's what we know

Jadon Sancho's complicated situation at Manchester United will end with him departing from the club.

Jadon Sancho feud Erik Ten Hag
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Jadon Sancho feud Erik Ten Hag

Jadon Sancho’s transfer to Manchester United came with a lot of excitement from fans and players alike with a price tag of £73 million in 2021. However, this move quickly developed complications as the winger seemed to not have performed to a level that met expectations. This was aggravated by disagreements he had with Manchester Manager Erik Ten Hag, which escalated into a feud that brought about Sancho's potential transfer from the club.

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The feud

Earlier this season United lost 3-1 to Arsenal, a game in which Jadon Sancho was not present on the pitch. When asked about the reason for the winger's absence during the press conference, Ten Hag stated that he wasn’t part of the squad because he was underperforming in training. This caused Sancho to reply through social media in a now-deleted Instagram post saying he was made to be a 'scapegoat'.

Many believe this post made Sancho and Ten Hag’s relationship impossible to repair as the manager refused to let him back on this pitch until he apologised both to him and the club. Sancho no longer trained with the team and became a borderline outcast within the organisation. With this situation coming to a stalemate, Manchester United executives stepped in to try to resolve the matter but it appeared that the only remaining option was for the winger to move elsewhere.

The January transfer window

Both Juventus and Borussia Dortmund showed interest in acquiring the player. Dortmund – his former club – seems to be to negotiating a loan switch in which Sancho returns to his home team. Details of the deal are still being discussed it looks like there will be a loan fee and Manchester will be covering part of his salary at Dortmund.

In essence, Dortmund seems to have capitalised immensely as they will be paying a fraction of the cost they initially charged for Jadon Sancho. While Manchester will hope that he will be able to perform at Dortmund in order to recuperate some of the value they initially invested in him when the time comes to sell him.

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