Russell Crowe shaves beard for the first time in five years for a new role

Russell Crowe has shaved his 5-year-old beard in preparation for new role and fans are excited.

Russell Crowe beard
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Russell Crowe beard

Russell Crowe has gone through a series of physical changes in Hollywood since starring in 300. As the star aged, however, the type of role the actor signed up for began to incrementally change. Crowe went from the chiseled Greek physique of Leonidas in 300, to the bulky frame of private investigator Jackson Healy in The Nice Guys and the now signature beard of characters Like Zeus in Thor. That beard slowly made its place as a Russell Crowe mainstay for any role for the past five years. Crowe has taken to social media to announce that the beard has been shaved.

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Russell Crowe debuts a new look

In the caption of the photo he posted Crowe insinuated that the clean-shaven look is for an upcoming film. He stated:

The actor prepares #20. First shave since 2019.

The actor looks to have a busy upcoming year as he sets to star in an MMA action film titled The Beast in Me, a historical drama titled Nuremberg and upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project Kraven the Hunter.

This comes after the controversial release of The Pope’s Exorcist, a historical drama following the events of Gabriele Amorth’s Chief Exorcist duties for the Vatican. The film sadly received mixed reviews from critics and was shunned and denounced by The International Association of Exorcists.

Fan Reactions

The drastic change visibly took years off of Crowe’s figure and drew quite a passionate reaction from the actor’s fans, some of whom took to social media to voice their opinions.

One said:

20 years younger instantly!
I want to know what movie you are about to make, clean shaven is good
Wow, you look 20 years younger! Looks good! It's nice to change it up and shave. You have a nice face it was hiding behind all that hair

Crowe remains a fan favourite actor who has cultivated a healthy following that enjoys seeing him explore different artistic directions and welcomes the sometimes daring choices the actor makes. At this point, Crowe has proven that he has brilliant performances in him if his vision aligns with the creative vision of the directors, writers...etc. With Thor: Love and Thunder being his last iconic performance fans are eager to get a glimpse of the Russell Crowe in a memorable role no matter the genre. This explains the excitement surrounding a shaved beard as an indicator for new things to come.

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