Molly Mae, Katie Price, Luca Bish: Psychic predicts the future of your favourite celebrities

2022 was exciting for most of these celebs and if not exciting then at least it was eventful – to say the least. Here’s what 2023 holds for them.

Love Island 2022 stars and Katie Price’s psychic prediction for 2023
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Love Island 2022 stars and Katie Price’s psychic prediction for 2023

Life is what happens to us when we are busy making other plans. Take Molly-Mae for instance, the Love Island star wanted to be a wife but she’s soon going to be a mother. While unpredictability is great, getting a little guidance never harms anybody. Celeb psychic Sally Morgan spoke to OK! Magazine and predicted how 2023 is going to be for some of our favourite celebs. Here’s what you need to know:

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Tasha and Andrew

Sally claims that Tasha and Andrew are ‘very much in love’ and that will continue in 2023 as well. The couple could be relocating to a beautiful farm to settle down as well. Sally added:

Tasha wants a baby – big time! She can’t wait to be a mum despite her previously admitting she wasn’t too keen.
She and Andrew might not get pregnant next year, but they’ll certainly begin planning for one at least.

Katie Price

You’d think the worries would end at some point for Katie Price, but 2023 is not the year it happens. It seems like the former glamour model will struggle with her relationship with Carl Woods as it will ‘continue in the on-again-off-again state that it is in now.’

Carl Woods is expected to meet someone next year – much younger than Katie. Sally said:

She’ll beg him to keep it quiet, but it’ll lead them to split up indefinitely. They’ll certainly never make it up the aisle.
Katie will develop real worries about her age after that, and she’ll turn to her family to support her. They’ll be more willing to help her with Carl out of the picture.

Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury

The mum and dad-to-be are expected to tie the knot in a private affair in 2023. The ‘low-key wedding’ will take place after the birth of their child. Sally predicted:

And though they’ve only just moved into their house, they’ll move into a brand new home after getting involved in property development.
For some reason, I can also see her collaborating with Paris Hilton in some way. Paris will become a very prominent figure in Molly-Mae’s life.

Ekin-Su and Davide

Breakup is one of the cards for the Love Island 2022 winners this year. Despite making efforts, the two will not be able to sustain the pressure of the relationship and part ways, according to Sally’s prediction.

They’ll put on a brave face in front of the cameras for the first few months of the New Year, but they’ll really struggle to keep making each other happy in private.

Luca and Gemma

Things will be poles apart for Luca and Gemma. The two recently broke up and Luca would still feel the aftereffects of this breakup in 2023. The fishmonger would feel ‘lost and unsure what he’s to do with his career.’

Meanwhile, Gemma Owen is going to find ‘the one’ for her in 2023. He would be a much older wealthy man who can provide for her. Sally claims:

It’ll be someone that can really provide her with the extravagant and expensive lifestyle that she wants.

Maya Jama

The new ITV presenter is expected to be a fan favourite in 2023 so much so that new projects would automatically fall into her lap.

She’ll win over the audience and will be offered an even bigger presenting role on ITV later in the year because of it.

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OK! Magazine: Celeb psychic Sally Morgan’s 2023 predictions in full - from Katie Price to Ekin-Su and Davide

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