Max Verstappen has been dating girlfriend Kelly Piquet since 2021: Who is Kelly Piquet?

Max Verstappen is the three-time reigning F1 world champion. With Red Bull, he dominates the tracks, while on the love front, things are also going well with his partner, Kelly Piquet.

Max Verstappen F1 champion girlfriend Kelly Piquet model
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Max Verstappen F1 champion girlfriend Kelly Piquet model

Since January 2021, Max Verstappen has publicly announced that he is in a relationship with Kelly Piquet, a Brazilian model. Daughter of a legendary former F1 champion, but also a polyglot, who is the Dutch driver's girlfriend?

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Who is Kelly Piquet?

Kelly Piquet is no stranger to Red Bull star driver Max Verstappen. Her father is none other than Nelson Piquet, who also won the Formula 1 World Championship three times—in 1981, 1983 and 1987.

Piquet's rivalry with Alain Prost and his compatriot Ayrton Senna at various Grand Prix events is well known. Kelly Piquet traveled extensively as a child, and is fluent in French, English and Portuguese.

Born in Homburg, Germany, she specializes in international relations, with an emphasis on political science and economics. Also a model, the woman in charge of managing Formula E's social networks has also been a blogger and columnist for various websites.

Before meeting Max Verstappen,who has a very substantial fortune, the 35-year-old was first briefly in a relationship with Brazilian driver Alexandre Sarnes Negrão.

Then, in 2017, the romance began with Russian driver Daniil Kvyat. The couple had a child in 2019, but separated a few months later. Ironically, it was Max Verstappen who took Kvyat's place at Red Bull in 2016 and who now shares his life with Kelly Piquet, whose career has therefore always been linked in one way or another to Formula 1.

The two lovebirds regularly make public appearances, for example on the young woman's Instagram account, followed by over 1.4 million people, or before Super Max races.

Kelly Piquet, Max Verstappen's lucky charm?

Since winning the title in 2021, Max Verstappen has built up a considerable lead over his rivals. Mercedes and Ferrari in particular are unable to catch up with the Austrian manufacturer and the former Toro Rosso driver. The titles in 2022 and 2023 have not really been contested, and the Dutchman is once again the favourite for his own succession.

The 26-year-old has set his sights on a fourth consecutive world championship title. He would thus equal his rival Lewis Hamilton, who achieved this feat between 2017 and 2020 with Mercedes, but also Sebastian Vettel (2010-2013) with Red Bull and Juan Manuel Fangio (1954-1957).

Only Michael Schumacher has been able to win the F1 holy grail five times in a row. The German did so between 2000 and 2004, with an impressive and legendary domination.

Max Verstappen will also have to be wary of Ferrari, as the Italian team has signed Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season. The Briton, who will receive an XXL salary in Italy, will form a powerful duo with Charles Leclerc, with the aim of toppling Red Bull.

The native of Hasselt (Belgium) knows he can count on the support of those close to him, in particular Kelly Piquet, as well as the experience of his father, an illustrious champion in the same discipline. What's more, since Max Verstappen began his relationship with the Brazilian model, he's enjoyed a string of Grand Prix successes. His companion is perhaps his lucky charm in his quest to make Formula 1 history.

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