Marcus Rashford's actions in and out of the pitch could have cost him the 2024 Euro

As the 2024 Euro is set to start on 14 June, national federations are announcing their squads. Gareth Southgate has made an interesting choice and chose Jack Grealish over Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford Euro 2024
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Marcus Rashford Euro 2024

The 2024 Euro is set to start in just a little over two weeks in Germany and the lists for the national team squads are coming out. On 21 May 2024, Gareth Southgate announced the 33 players selected for his preliminary squad but, keep in mind, he will have to lower the number to 26 by 7 June.

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Announcements prior to big competitions are always highly-anticipated and this one was no different. Many wondered about the fate of some of their favourite players. Beyond that, many wanted to know about what would happen to Marcus Rashford, who at 26, can already count 60 caps for the English team.

More than that, Rashford became an icon and an activist, gaining a significant amount of influence. But, over the last few months and the last season, his performances on the pitch and his behaviour off of it have taken a turn for the worse.

Marcus Rashford’s mental health

In January 2024, Marcus Rashford was caught in a scandal when he was seen at a club ‘determined to get drunk' before calling in sick the next day for training at Manchester United.

According to Daily Mail, witnesses explained that Rashford was ‘downing shots of Limoncello and tequila and later passing out fully clothed at 3am in front of a Belfast barmaid partying with him.’

Though this behaviour would seem pretty normal for a young man in his twenties, the fact that it is coming from Marcus Rashford is concerning some people. Talking to Daily Mail PR guru Mark Borkowski, explained:

something is seriously wrong

According to Borkowski, Rashford’s recent actions are reminiscent of what happened to other adored footballers: David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. He continued:

Marcus was a golden boy but the constant pressure perhaps of not performing on the pitch and mental health issues takes its toll.

Some also mention the toll his on-and-off relationship and then split with Lucia Loi could have had. According to The Sun, the two were ‘childhood sweethearts’ and though they were together for 10 years, they called off their engagement and broke up in June 2023.

Marcus Rashford’s legacy ‘tarnished’

Though this kind of behaviour has been seen before with other star players, what is happening with Marcus Rahsfors is considered to be a real shame for many. Indeed, the 26-year-old was seen as a role model.

In 2020, he was made a Member of the British Empire for his activism. At the time, outside of the pitch, Rashford had already launched many initiatives including In the Box in partnership with Selfridges during which essential items were given to homeless people during the holidays.

But, more famously, Rashford is known for fighting against child poverty and partnering up with the FoodShare charity. Though he initially just wanted to make a donation he ended up getting fully involved and, during the first lockdown, helped families who counted on free school meals by providing them with food. The initiative raised £20 million and over 3 million meals were given in the UK.

In June of 2020, Rashford wrote a letter to Boris Johnson’s government asking them to put an end to child poverty. It is understood that his letter motivated the governmental response which came only a day later: free school meals would be made available during the summer holidays. Since then, Rashford launched his own charity and is understood to keep working with FoodShare and other organisations.

With all of this in mind, his January bar crawl is considered by some to be worrying. Talking to Daily Mail, Brand and culture expert Nick Ede stated:

His reputation is getting tarnished due to his partying and subsequent no show at training.


His naughty night out has a knock on effect which can have majors consequences for his team, his teammates, brands who endorse him and his reputation

Marcus Rashford’s mediocre season

On top of these personal hiccups, Marcus Rashford 2023/2024 season has not been the most successful. If we compare his stats from the previous Premier League season the number of goals he scored went down by 10 (from 17 in 2022/23 to 7 in 2023/24) and the number of passes done in a match have lowered by almost 100 (from 779 in 2022/23 to 683 in 2023/24). Rashford has also appeared in 33 Premier League games this season instead of the 35 in the last.

If we look at the stats for all competitions the situation is even worse. During the 2023/24 season he scored 8 goals in 43 games when in 2022/23 he scored 30 goals in 56 games.

Considering his current personal behaviour as well as his lack of performance on the pitch Gareth Southgate’s decision seems more than justified. Indeed, to win a competition, teams need more than good players, they need a group that gets along, with no drama.

The fact that he hasn’t been selected for the Euro seems to have been a wake-up call for Rashford who, on 27 Mary 2024 announced that he was leaving social media in a statement which read:

It's time to come off Socials for a few weeks. I plan to rest and reset mentally after a challenging season individually and collectively. Thanks to the fans that stood by me through a difficult period. To the ones that didn’t just remember at United, we always stick together.

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