Lauren James: The Chelsea player could be England's 'cheat code' to winning the Women's World Cup

As Lauren James is playing one of the best games of her young career against China (on 1 August 2023), a look at her path that hasn't always been easy…

Lauren James faced huge struggles before joining Lionesses, 'we needed to leave' says dad
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Lauren James faced huge struggles before joining Lionesses, 'we needed to leave' says dad

As England is playing against China in their last match before the round of 16 on 1 August 2023, one player keeps shining. Lauren James, 21, is slowly becoming England’s best player.

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Just as we write this, James has scored not once but twice in the game against China and those are nothing compared to the goal she scored against Denmark on 28 July. That goal was so impressive that Sam Kerr, a player for Australia, has called her a ‘special talent.’

But while she is making waves during this World Cup, Lauren James’ path hasn’t always been easy. Between leaving the club she joined as 14 to becoming England’s ‘cheat code,’ the young woman has achieved a lot. Let’s have a look!

Lauren James joins Arsenal at 14

In an article from The Mirror, the father of player Lauren James opened up about his daughter’s struggles which have led her to being the excellent player that she is today.

She joined Arsenal when she was 14, training with the youth group. However, very quickly, her talent shone through and the coaches quickly realised that she was above the fray and needed to train with the adult players. Her father explains:

She was too good to train with the Arsenal girls when she first went there. So Arsenal tried something, Pedro (Martinez Losa) who was the coach at the time, brought her in to train with the women

However, according to Lauren James’ father, the women of the group didn’t like that decision which made it difficult for James to stay on the team. Her dad explains that while on the field they could tutor her and help her, being part of a team means that you have to get along with your teammates and that is difficult to do when there is a 20 year age-gap.

He explains:

when you are on the pitch it is football, but off the pitch they had nothing in common.
What people would see is this little girl. Some could take it and put their arm around her. Some couldn't take it and said 'you shouldn't be here, you should be at school.'

Moreover, some adult players at Arsenal asked for Lauren James to be removed from the ‘first team squad’ which meant that she had to go back to the academy where she trained with the boys. A first. However, at the end of her first season, James learnt that she would be playing with the academy girls which way under her level which is why her dad explains that they ‘needed to leave.’

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Lauren James is England’s ‘cheat code’

After her difficulties at Arsenal, the player joined Chelsea. As a professional player, in 2018, she joined Manchester United as a forward. She stayed there until she moved back to Chelsea in 2021 where she is currently playing.

Internationally, she was first selected in the national team in 2022. And now in August 2023, watchers and commentators are calling her one of the best players in England.

An article from GiveMeSport, calls her a ‘game changer,’ especially as she offered England a win against Denmark. Her goal in that game was made ‘20 yards’ away from the net and somehow lended there with force and precision. After the match, James was awarded ‘Player of the Match.’

Now, as we write this, she is playing a remarkable game. She has scored 2 goals, 3 if you count the one VAR cancelled. People are absolutely loving her performance and they praise the young player’s lightness and control.

We cannot wait to see what the rest of the World Cup will mean for James and her team and we look forward to seeing her flourish in the coming years.

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