These are the 5 best English footballers of all time

England has produced some legendary footballers in the past. Let's take a look at the greatest stars who have ever scored in the Three Lions jersey.

The 5 best English footballers of all time
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The 5 best English footballers of all time

England is the birthplace of modern football as we know and love it today. The Premier League stands for one of the toughest competitions of all. So it's no coincidence that the country has produced some of the sport's biggest stars in the past. Here are some of them.

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Stanley Matthews

The first great football star in history is Stanley Matthews. As Futbolretro reports, he still holds the record for the longest active time in the English top flight, playing for over 30 years. For this incredible achievement, he has been made 'Sir' before the end of his career - another record.

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore is still regarded as one of the best central defenders the sport has ever seen. He also captained the England national team when they won the title at their home World Cup. For this tremendous success, he is still hailed as a hero.

Bobby Charlton

A list of the best English footballers would probably not be complete without former 'Ballon d'Or' winner Bobby Charlton. He holds the record for the most games ever played by a footballer in a Manchester United shirt and has won countless titles with the traditional club. Among other things, he has been the English champion three times and won the FA Cup.

David Beckham

David Beckham has managed to play a role in the public eye even after his extremely successful career in football. He is probably better known to the younger generation today for his red-carpet appearances. But his skills on the pitch should not be underestimated. Beckham is considered one of the best shooters the world of football has ever seen.

Wayne Rooney

Five times English champion, FA Cup winner and multiple cup winner: Wayne Rooney's career speaks for itself. He is one of the best strikers in the history of the Premier League and has scored a proud 53 goals in his 120 appearances for the English national team. It is true that he has since hung up his active career. Nevertheless, he has remained true to the sport and now works as a coach.

Will some of the current 'Three Lions' players soon be able to join this list? At the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, the young talents can prove what they are capable of. And who knows: Maybe they will also meet the German team around coach Hansi Flick in the course of the tournament. You can find out how and where you can watch the World Cup matches live on TV here.

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