Didier Deschamps: Who is Dylan, his only 27-year-old son?

Didier Deschamps, the emblematic figure of French football, rarely talks about his private life. Who is Dylan, the only son of the French national team?

Didier Deschamps son Dylan
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Didier Deschamps son Dylan

Didier Deschamps is widely recognized for his success as a player and coach. Despite Didier Deschamps' discretion about his family life, he has often shared a few details about his son's career. Here's a look at a lesser-known aspect of the coach's life: his only son, Dylan Deschamps.

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Who is Dylan Deschamps?

Born in 1996, he is the only son of Didier and Claude Deschamps. Dylan Deschamps grew up in his father's shadow during the glory years of French football. When Didier Deschamps won the 1998 World Cup as a player, Dylan was just two years old. Despite this proximity to the world of football, the young man chose a different path.

Unlike his father, who was passionate about football from an early age, Dylan was drawn to the finance sector. Dylan studied at EDHEC Business School in Nice, where he majored in marketing and finance and graduated in 2017. During his studies, Dylan Deschamps showed a particular interest in new technologies. He successfully launched a mobile marketing consultancy start-up called App4Media. This decision shows the diversity of talent in the Deschamps family.

'He didn't like his dad being taken away from him'

In an interview with the French magazine VSD in 2023, Didier Deschamps opened up about his relationship with his only son, Dylan. At the time, the Les Bleus' coach admitted that he had not always been there for his son. He shared:

During my first life as a player, it was mainly his mom who looked after him, (...) I had the right role. We played during the time I could devote to him.

A situation that also seems to have been difficult for Dylan Deschamps. On that, the coach told Gala on 25 January 2024:

I'm not a star. The search for the limelight has never been a driving force. But I try to respond to requests, even when I'm with my family. When he was little, my son Dylan may have suffered. On vacations or otherwise, he didn't like people stealing his dad. He hated the ball and didn't play soccer for years. Today, at 27, he works in finance in London

In a relationship for the past 6 years

On a personal note, Dylan Deschamps has found love with Mathilde, whom he met during his years at business school on the French Riviera. The close-knit couple regularly share their lives on social media, notably during the last two World Cups. Didier Deschamps' son Dylan was in the stands for the France-Morocco match in 2022.

Accompanied by his partner, Mathilde Cappelaere, the young couple shared their enthusiasm at the end of the match by posting a video on their Instagram story, expressing their overwhelming joy following the victory. The two lovers celebrated their 6-year relationship. For the occasion, the young man shared a photo on his Instagram account with the caption: 'Six years of us...'

On 8 January 2023, Mathilde spoke to Gala about her relationship with her father-in-law, Didier Deschamps.

I knew he was a former player, but not his career. My friends and brother-in-law woke me up. I was a bit embarrassed, even though the first time, I spent the whole day getting to know Dylan. But Didier Deschamps is a very simple person, and he was very kind to me. He put me at ease

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