Achraf Hakimi: Who is Hiba Abouk, the Moroccan footballer's ex-wife?

In the wake of Morocco's elimination from the African Football Cup, PSG star Achraf Hakimi finds himself at the center of attention not only for his missed penalty, but also for his personal life.

Achraf Hakimi Hiba Abouk international footballer Moroccan ex-wife
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Achraf Hakimi Hiba Abouk international footballer Moroccan ex-wife

The disappointment following Morocco's premature elimination from the 2024 African Football Cup has left a palpable sense of bitterness, especially after Achraf Hakimi's missed penalty. In addition to this sporting setback, attention has also turned to his personal life, particularly focusing on his ex-wife, Spanish actress Hiba Abouk. Let's delve into their story and the recent events that have marked their lives.

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African Football Cup 2024: Achraf Hakimi's poignant message

In the wake of the Atlas Lions' elimination, Achraf Hakimi shared his emotions on Instagram, apologizing for his missed penalty.

Today is a very difficult and sad day for our elimination. I want to apologize for the penalty, I took the responsibility to help the team, but unfortunately it didn't work out. I'd like to thank all the Moroccan people for their support, especially all the people who came to the Ivory Coast.

Kylian Mbappé's friend concluded:

We'll get back up and come back stronger! Insha'Allah.

Despite the overwhelming support of Moroccan fans, the disappointment persists. How will this difficult moment influence his return to PSG and his next Ligue 1 performance?

An archive of comments made by Hakimi's former coach at Inter Milan, Antonio Conte, is circulating on social networks. Conte had already mentioned the player's inefficiency in the penalty shoot-out. How might these past criticisms influence Hakimi's confidence on the pitch and the management of his career at PSG?

The controversial separation of Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk

On the personal side, despite the start of a promising love story, the couple formed by Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk took an unexpected turn. In 2018, they married and welcomed two children, Amin in 2020 and Naim in 2022. However, their shared path experienced a heartbreaking separation in 2022, preceding r*pe accusations against Hakimi in February 2023.

Faced with these difficult events, the 37-year-old Spanish actress spoke out on social networks, revealing their earlier separation and expressing the pain of seeing their family project fail. While the divorce is ongoing, she also denounced the financial criticism she has faced, highlighting the persistent gender bias in the media's treatment of her situation. She explained on Spanish TV show Salvame:

It's unbelievable that they [the media] see me as financially motivated. It's a macho, misogynistic world given that when we started our relationship, he wasn't making any money and I was more famous than he was. Just imagine.

Her testimony sheds light on the personal challenges she faces in this tumultuous period of her life.

Hiba Abouk's professional life

Hiba Abouk, a Spanish actress of Tunisian and Libyan origin, has had a remarkable artistic career. With a passion for flamenco, she studied Arabic philology at the Lycée Français de Madrid, then went on to earn a degree in theater from Madrid's Royal Superior Academy of Dramatic Art. Her career took off with roles in series such as El Síndrome de Ulises (2008) and La isla de los nominados (2010). Her talent led to roles in Cheers in 2011 and Con el culo al aire in 2012.

The major turning point in her career was her participation in the hit series El Príncipe from 2015 to 2016, earning her two nominations as Best Actress at the Fotogramas de Plata. The mother-of-two also explored cinema with her appearance in the short film Manos libres in 2011.

Achraf Hakimi's life and recent events, both sporting and personal, highlight the challenges that public figures can face. Between sporting criticism and personal controversy, Hakimi and his ex-wife Hiba Abouk face intense media attention. The player's future with PSG and the outcome of his divorce proceedings with Hiba Abouk remain subjects to be followed closely.

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