Love Island’s Ekin-Su defends Davide amid cheating rumours: ‘Davide is husband material’

Love Island 2022 winners Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu and Davide Sanclimenti previously sparked split rumours. However, the couple is still very much together as Ekin-Su defends ‘husband’ material Davide.

Love Island’s Ekin-Su defends Davide amid cheating rumours: ‘Davide is husband material’
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Love Island’s Ekin-Su defends Davide amid cheating rumours: ‘Davide is husband material’

Love Island stars Ekin-Su Cülcüloglu and Davide Sanclimenti have been fan favourites even months after the summer 2022 series ended. The two sparked split rumours after Davide was accused of allegedly cheating on Ekin-Su. Despite the rumours, the couple went on a trip to Amsterdam and it left fans confused.

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Love Island Ekin-Su and Davide still together

Amidst the confused reports of whether they are dating or not, Davide seems to have given a clear hint that they are still together. According to The Sun, Davide hinted that his Turkish delight has forgiven him after his cheating accusation with his recent Instagram update.

The 27-year-old posted a story and a video of him in his dressing room trying out different gym outfits. Just as he was trying the outfits, Ekin-Su made an entrance with a glass of cold coffee and Davide pulled her in for a sweet kiss. He captioned the video:

Trying on gym tops and…
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A post shared by Davide Sanclimenti (@davidesancli)

This comes after the two didn’t post each other for a while on social media after the cheating accusations and Love Island fans were left worried for them. The couple moved in together shortly after winning ITV's dating reality show last summer.

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Ekin-Su defends ‘husband material’ Davide

Soon after the cheating rumours circulated in the media, Davide was met with a lot of criticism and hateful comments. Many Love Island fans confessed they weren’t surprised to see Davide cheat on Ekin-Su. One wrote on Twitter:

Davide cheated on Ekin?? I can’t say I’m surprised but…damn.

The online hate for multimillionaire Davide went out of control so much so that Ekin-Su had to intervene and defend her Italian hunk. When one user commented on Ekin-Su’s post saying:

This dude isn’t husband material! Ekin should find a nice respectable Turkish man who will treat her like a queen.

Ekin-Su couldn’t help but become Davide's saviour. She replied:

Davide is husband material these comments are awful towards him. Please stop trolling. Davide has been lovely to me. Leave him alone

Many fans joined in on Ekin-Su’s cue to protect her Love Island boyfriend, They wrote:

All these insults and for what? They had no proof of anything, they just wanted to hate🙃 shameless people
Nah, this is horrible. Ekin and Davide needs to start using the block button 🤦

Meanwhile, one commented on Ekin-Su’s Instagram:

Just want to say, you and Davide are the best couple to come of love island

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Love Island: Ekin-Su opens about Davide’s cheating rumours Love Island: Ekin-Su opens about Davide’s cheating rumours