Kate Garraway steps away from work as husband’s health gets worse: What happened to Derek Draper?

Kate Garraway is stepping back from work as her husband, Derek Draper’s health takes a turn for the worse. What has been going on with Dereck Draper?

Kate Garraway steps away from work, what happened to Derek Draper?
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Kate Garraway steps away from work, what happened to Derek Draper?

Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway hasn’t been shy about sharing her husband’s, Derek Draper, health journey since he contracted Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

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Indeed, since March 2020, Derek has been battling several health issues which have resulted in him being wheelchair-bound. According to Daily Mail, Draper’s health has taken a turn for the worse after suffering from a heart attack. As a result, Kate has cancelled all of her upcoming work to remain by Derek’s side, ‘praying for a miracle’.

Let’s take a look at Derek Draper’s health jounrey since contracting Covid-19 and how Kate Garraway has been helping her husband.

Derek Draper’s battle against Covid-19

As mentioned above, Derek Draper was diagnosed with Covid-19 in March 2020. However, the former lobbyist contracted a severe form of coronavirus and was hospitalised for 13 months, making him Britain's longest sufferer from Covid-19. As reported by Daily Mail, the hospital put him in a medically induced coma.

Covid-19 affected Draper’s organs and he was left with lasting damage. After he was discharged, Derek was readmitted several times as he suffered more health issues, such as kidney failure, brain inflammation and liver damage.

Life after Covid-19 for Derek Draper

Covid-19 hit Derek Draper hard and, sadly, changed his life. Due to the severe form of Covid-19 Derek suffered from and the length of his hospital stay, Derek is now unable to walk and now suffers from debilitating symptoms.

In the summer of 2022, Derek was rushed to the hospital once again after he developed sepsis, which nearly killed him. Moreover, for some time, Derek was also left unable to talk. Thankfully, Kate has shared that her husband’s speech has come a long way since.

She told Peter Leonard on his podcast:

But if you look back, there is some progress, he has more words now and his voice is stronger. You occasionally get a little bit of a Chorley accent in there so it feels like he is more present, but he still can't sit up without assistant and his life isn't his own.

As reported by The Sun, Derek went for a brain scan in 2022 and the result reportedly showed white patches that are more commonly seen in patients with vascular dementia.

Kate Garraway is stepping back from work

Derek Draper reportedly fell ill on Monday, December 11. A source told The Sun that his friends and family are ‘praying for a miracle’ after he allegedly suffered a heart attack.

The source also revealed that Kate isn’t leaving Derek’s side:

Kate is by his side 24 hours a day and is willing him on to win this latest battle for his life.

Kate Garraway has had to renovate their family home to accommodate Derek and his health issues. Indeed, she was forced to install ramps and build a downstairs wetroom and a downstairs bedroom.

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