Kanye West is allegedly trying to 'distract' everyone from his recent controversies, here's how

Kanye West is allegedly ready to build his legacy in the form of mini-cities scattered throughout the United States.

Kanye is building his own city to change the world
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Kanye is building his own city to change the world

Kanye West has been in the spotlight for various reasons. From his feud with his ex Kim Kardashian to insinuating a new angle to George Floyd's death, and making anti-Semitic comments, he has been doing it all.

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Recent news has it that West is allegedly getting geared up to take things up a notch. The Coldest Winter singer apparently wants to build a network of communities and call it ‘Yecosystem’. The idea is rumored to be borne out of West’s vision to make the world a better place.

What is Yecosystem?

As per Rolling Stone, two Yeezy sources claim that Ye’s ‘universe’ has been under works for years. It is allegedly a self-sustained enterprise that consists of its own set of branded stores, services, and products. The eco-system is said to have everything in it, from a beauty salon, and medical/healthcare services, to schools and even a production house. It is even said to house a PR firm.

What is Yecosystem? Neil Mockford / Getty_Images

Yecosystems’ locations

West is rumored to have plans to set up these mini-communities all across the USA. But, there is no confirmation on where West is building his first mini-city. In an attempt to do something 'life-changing', West wants to build a legacy for himself.

Kanye’s plans for the future

The rapper’s agenda is to launch the cities by next year. Ye has allegedly filed trademark applications for the community, as per Hypebeast. He has apparently filed names such as 'Yzyverse,' 'Yxyverse' and 'Yeezyverse' for trademark.

This community could be West’s only way to move forward and make a mark, as people are increasingly disturbed by his recent controversies. And there seems to be a movement to boycott the rapper. As per Mirror, Adidas is considering ending its contract with Ye. And brands such as Balenciaga and Vogue have announced that they will no longer work with him.

The A.V. Club believes the move is 'West is trying to distract from the self-inflicted wounds brought about' by his recent antics and shows 'he’s certainly got the resources to make things much worse in his efforts to reshape the world in his own Kanye-focused image.'

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