Drake: Here's everything we know about his alleged 'curse'

Drake's 'curse' has allegedly cost the world millions of dollars and a loss of team spirit.

Drake: Here's everything we know about his alleged 'curse'
Drake: Here's everything we know about his alleged 'curse'

Drake needs no formal introduction. The Canadian singer has seen immense success in the Billboard charts over the years. Being one of the most sought-after artists out there, the four-time Grammy winner is popular for a lot of reasons.

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But recently, he has been making headlines because fans seem to think he is 'cursed'. Drake takes an avid interest in sports and often frequents various sports matches. His appearance at sports events has fans thinking that he is ‘cursed.

The Drake curse

‘The Drake Curse’ is something that sports fans have coined over the years. The urban legend has it that teams and athletes see immediate downfall after they interact with the rapper ahead of their next match, as per Mirror. Fans believe that when Drake poses for a picture with an athlete or wears a shirt of a sports team before an upcoming game, the team loses.

Who has the Drake curse affected?

The Drake curse spans across different sports. Be it NBA, UFC, or football, the curse allegedly spares no exception.

This term stems from an incident in 2019, wherein Drake posed with Pogba for a picture, and in just four days Manchester United was knocked out of the FA Cup. A similar incident took place when UFC fighter Connor McGregor lost his fight to Khabib Nurmagomedov after he posed for a picture with Drake.

Who has the Drake curse affected? Brandon Magnus / Getty_images

The Toronto Raptors is Drake’s hometown franchise, and the rapper is also an ambassador for the team. They are probably the most affected by Drake’s alleged curse, as things get very rocky for them in the presence of the rapper.

Kobe Bryant's decline

The late Kobe Bryant is also said to be hit with Drake’s infamous curse. The athlete’s performances dropped in 2014. And guess who Bryant shared a light-hearted court-side moment during the time? That’s right, it was Drake. Although the ‘curse’ is just a myth, there have been a lot of coincidences that seem to prove otherwise.

Kobe's decline

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