Drake and The Weeknd: Here's why the singers are both boycotting the Grammys

From wrong category nominations, to not winning, here are the reasons why Drake and The Weeknd have boycotted the Grammys.

Drake and The Weeknd: Here's why they're boycotting the Grammys
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Drake and The Weeknd: Here's why they're boycotting the Grammys

Winning a Grammy is every musician's dream and is considered as physical proof that they have ‘made it’. In fact, several artists allegedly make music keeping the Grammys in mind. But this is not the case for some musicians.

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Drake and The Weeknd are perfect examples of artists who don’t think highly of the Grammys. In an effort to boycott and snub the Grammys, Drake and The Weekend are continuing to withhold their music from awards consideration, as per Pitchfork.

The two Toronto-based musicians are wildly popular worldwide and produce billboard-chart topping hits year after year. Here’s why they have chosen not to submit their solo music for Grammy consideration.

Drake’s reason for withholding Grammy consideration

Drake received nominations for Certified Lover Boy and Way 2 Sexyfor two categories the previous year. Following this, the Passionfruit singer withdrew his music completely from consideration. His issue with the Recording Academy seems to have stemmed from 2017. As per Hypebeast, he skipped the ceremony that year as they nominated his hit single Hotline Bling in the rap category, whereas Drake contended that it was a pop song.

Drake’s reason for withholding Grammy consideration Cole Burston / Getty_Images

The Weeknd’s reason for boycotting the Grammys

The Weeknd had a whole other set of issues with the Recording Academy. He is allegedly unhappy with the fact that his super-popular album in 2020, After Hours and its lead single Blinding Lightsdid not receive any nominations the year it was released. He allegedly blamed the secret committees as to why he would no longer be submitting his music to the Grammys. Despite his boycott, he won a Grammy for contributing to Kanye West’s Hurricane.

The Weeknd’s reason for boycotting the Grammys Paras Griffin / Getty_Images

Drake and The Weeknd’s new music

Both artists have outdone themselves with spanking new albums that are unlike anything the audience has seen. The Weeknd’s Dawn FMhas produced so many hits such as Sacrifice and Gasoline. While, Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind is also Grammy-worthy.

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